About Us

To brew, is to mix items with an expected outcome.
To BRUU, is to mix moments with unpredictable greatness resulting.

Let's create those moments.
Let's connect through them.
Let's bruu™

Labruutories, LLC
“Connecting the real world through product design”

Yes, the real world. Nothing virtual. Too often are we engrossed in the digital lifestyle that we forget how to connect with those around us. Our mission is to remind the digitally addicted of the limitless wonders born through connecting with the physically present.

In order to remove digital blinders, we are creating a line of products that engage users to interact with one another in the real world. Our first product, BRUU: The Motorized Beer Pong Robot cleared a succesful Kickstarter launch in April 2018. BRUU engages users with the friendly game of beer pong (beer not required). The moments created bring people present and enables the human connection, by design.

A brew is also a beer. So, it's only appropriate that our first product shares a close relationship with beer.